All returns must follow the below explained procedure to ensure proper credit and/or refund. Failure to follow these instructions may result in denial of credit/refund.

Our policy is to maintain an organized structure for any and all returned items to ensure the protection of our mutual investment. It is your responsibility to ensure the returning product is in good condition.


  1. Product must never have been mounted or attached. Mounted or attached product is not returnable. Products must be in new condition.
  2. Products in their entirety to include but not limited to any hardware original to the product must be returned together.
  3. If product was damaged during shipment the tracking number must be provided to initiate a damage claim with the shipping entity. Items must remain in original packaging form.
  4. The product must be placed in a form of bubble wrap or protective covering. The finish of the product must not come in contact with the box/container itself. Cardboard acts like sandpaper on finishes and will cause damage.
  5. Place each product facing upwards in the box/container. If double boxing, place an appropriate divider between the products to separate them. Do not place the product in direct contact with each other! They will be damaged in shipping and you will not receive credit.
  6. Any hardware must be secured so it cannot get loose or cause damage to other included products. Loose hardware will damage product during shipping.
  7. Seal the boxes with shipping tape and attach a packing list detailing the contents and the items for which you expect credit. A copy of the original invoice is always helpful.
  8. Insure the shipment. If the product is damaged in shipment it will be your responsibility to recover the lost value. Credit will not be issued for products damaged in shipping. Please note all shipping costs on returns are your responsibility. No COD’s will be accepted.

Dealer Sales and Terms Packet