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At Bullet we hate smokers! Smokey turbo kit? We got your smokey low mount turbo kit covered. I had an Alpha kit car here and solved that problem. If your turbo is draining into the pan on the passenger side that wont work properly and it will smoke. Why? Because the oil coming from the drain on a properly clocked turbo needs to have a downward slope all the way to a spot in the crankcase above the oil level in the engine. If not oil will stack in the line backing up into the bearing of the turbo and if this happens you over run the seals in the turbo and leak into the compressor and turbine housing causing your engine to smoke. I designed this kit with -10 AN fittings, hose a waterproof relay and with this kit you get a brand new powdercoated valve cover with 2 -10 fitting TIG welded bungs. Why 2 of them? Because your gonna want to add a catch can at some point that's why. Let's handle your slings smoking habit 1st. This comes with step by step installation instructions and we have a video. You can install this and get the pump to turn on at key on and off at key off. Or you can take it one step further with a timer. And run the pump 15 seconds or longer to clear the oil from the turbocharger bearings so it doesn't have a coke problem too. What is a coke problem? Well when turbos have coke problems that is the baking of the oil on the turbo shaft that is left in the oiling area of the turbo and turns black and hardens. Then on start up this material flushed back into the engine some is left on the shaft and causes premature bearing/shaft wear. If your like me and like to feel in control of nasty habits lets rehab that problem right now. We use Redhorse AN swivel hose ends in Red, Black, Clear made from 6061 and black -10 braided hose with a scavange pump designed to run dry indefinitely @300F so no worries of pump failure.

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