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When you delete your PCV by installing a catch can on your Polaris Slingshot

Do it in style with this Bullet Concepts PCV plug comes with aluminum sleeve and six shooter knob made from 6061 T6 and we use a Viton rubber o ring.
A catch can is used in boosted and non boosted as a clean air modification so the oil is captured in a can and dumped periodically back into the engines oil reservoir. Keeping your intake, combustion chamber and valves clean from oil residue. What's PCV? Positive crank case pressure. During the internal combustion process cylinder pressure blows past the piston rings and that creates positive pressure inside the crank case. If you don't vent this pressure somewhere seals like the valve cover gasket will push out. How the engine manufacturers control this is the pcv valve allows this gas and engine oil back into the intake to get burned up. This is maintenance free and convenient. A catch can system has to be checked and drained.
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Bullet Concepts PCV plug Bullet Concepts PCV plug

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